Speed caustics milestone

Just got a message from YouTube saying my Speed Caustics Tutorial has reached a milestone: over 10.000 views! Even though YouTube shows over 14k views so far, I’m assuming that these 10k were unique views, meaning over 10.000 people have watched it until this date.
And to celebrate, I’m reposting it today. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s your chance. 😉
Thanks all!

2 thoughts on “Speed caustics milestone

  1. Yeah, it was a nice little tip about caustic. BTW, the way you use scroller to adjust value in 3ds max looks a little bit odds (IMO)… maybe for something random, not accurate you can use scroller but if it was so high value and require long distance of mose movement… why wouldn’t you just click into input field and type number (such as 800) directly instead of moving the mouse like that? 😛 But anyway it’s not a problem… just a bit weird. But overall the tip’s really clear and nice for caustic rendering.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Edward! In fact, there are 2 reasons why I use the scroller:
      1) in the video, it helps show that it’s not a specific value I’m after, it may and most certainly will vary a lot, depending on how far the light is from the object. Using the scroller helps to emphasize that.
      2) since I never know which value will be the “correct” one, using the scroller helps finding that value faster. It kind of works as a dimmer, so when I see the light starting to affect the viewport, I know I’m getting there.

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