New free model: a bed!

After a while without any new goodies, I thought you guys might like this bed.

In face of the all-mighty Marvelous Designer, which seems to be present in almost every new rendering out there, I decided to create this bed using only Max’s own Cloth modifier to show my students they did not have to rely on yet another software in order to do their stuff.

Of course, Marvelous does an amazing job with all kinds of clothing, creating things sometimes impossible to achieve with Max alone. BUT, for most of the time, what you can do with Max is enough to get the boat rolling.

Anyway, my intention here was not to create a great rendering. The goal was to show the model in use so when you look at it you can decide whether or not it looks nice enough for your next gig.

Happy downloads everyone!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MODEL (Max 2014 and V-Ray 2.40 only)



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