Andy’s Room

Every once in a while I create a non-comissioned piece just to brush up my skills and show my students some cool stuff. I normally do it while they are creating their personal work in the end of my course (you can see what they do here), so my time constraint revolves around 1 working week. Not a long time, but it makes up for a fun time!

So, this time I decided to go for something different. A long time ago I came up with the idea of recreating in 3D some classic cartoon scenes, mostly from Disney animations. The problem was to choose one, as Disney is definetly the home of all great animations.

After much thinking, the answer was lying on my tablets wallpaper all along: Andy’s room, from Toy Story.

2013-06-05 12.56.00 2013-06-05 12.56.32 2013-06-05 12.57.08

Of course, these were not the only references I used. Although it was nice being able to rotate the view almost 360 degrees, this is simply a videogame-ish representation (you can find the live wallpaper for Android tablets here). So I googled a few more references, being this one the best:


Now, my goal wasn’t to recreate this scene in every detail. I wanted to create something that could pass as a real environment, as if I  had a client asking me to do his design. Of course, some stuff to resemble the movie was added, such as the Buzz Lightyear poster, the Lux Jr. lamp, the Woody doll and some cardboard boxes (Andy is packing to college, after all!).

Again, a lot of details were added to give some realism to the scene, but not much. 3ds max, V-Ray and Photoshop as usual.

Hope you like it!

camera 01

camera 02camera 03 camera 04 camera 05 camera 06

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