Dinner Area

This simple dinner area is a quick exercise, done in one day. All modeled by me, except for the chair and the bonsai tree.

I started modeling the hanging lamp, but them I realized I did not have a scene to show it and decided to create the rest of the space. The whole thing was done in one single day, but rendering took me a bit more than it should have, for my machine decided not to cooperate this week and took around 4 hours to render each (should have done it in less than two hours, at most).

Anyway, I hope you guys like it.

Linear Workflow, V-Ray, 3ds max and Photoshop

Update: I’m making the lamp model available for download. Hope you guys like it! Click here.

3 thoughts on “Dinner Area

  1. Real World Map Size is a great way of increasing your speed while working with repetitive or tileable textures. Instead of telling UWV which size the map is for every object in the scene, you simply tell 3ds max the size of the texture in the MatEditor and the objects will respect that size. It’s no different from the “usual” way, but makes things faster. For example, if you apply a fabric to the lamp and want to change the texture afterwards you don’t have to re-map the geometry, simply change the map and its size and you’re done.

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